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Drone shot of logistics hub by motorway in Southampton

Ten storey love song

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All aboard. This is your captain speaking. Well, pilot to be precise. Qualified, licensed & insured drone operator with CAA PDRA… for aerial photos, filming & virtual tours by drone. Seeing is believing.

Drone Photography, Video and Surveying in Sussex and the South

High-quality videos and aerial images are perfect for marketing, commercial, and construction projects. With over a decade of commercial photography experience, I’ve successfully completed over a thousand assignments for property developers, architects, landowners, estate agents, fund managers, and design agencies. Based in Sussex, I work with clients in London, the Home Counties, and the surrounding area on photography and video projects and new aerial images by UAS/drone.

As a fully qualified, licensed, and insured drone operator with CAA PDRA, GVC for aerial photography and filming by drone, you can rest assured that your aerial photography or drone surveying project will be completed on time and to the highest possible standards. If you have any questions about drone photography services in Sussex, from roof surveys to marketing content, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Elevated Photos

In the early days, and still available, we used a truck based mast system for aerial and elevated photography. This allowed for survey and overview images up to 100ft in the air, using regular DSLR cameras. These gave us a full range of options for aerial video, making 360 panoramic tours and for marketing photography, and came into its own for architecture photos. Whilst drone technology was being used in the movies for filming, the equipment was not cost effective or commonly available at prosumer level. The mast photos were incredibly useful and the range of pro cameras that could be used was extensive, but shot composition was restricted to vehicle access and practicalities on the ground.

Drone Photos

Roll on 2016, and the amazing DJI Phantom 3 Pro was ready for take off. Following training and BNUC-S exam qualification via the CAA approved process I became a licensed drone operator, holder of the PfCO (Permission for Commercial Operations). The primary focus was to improve the range of aerial photography available to clients. Leaping from 100ft elevation with the mast to 400ft in the air with the drone, enhanced our capability to offer full sets of commercial marketing photos. Whilst never quite competing with traditional high-level aeroplane photography on elevation, drone technology is safe and cost effective, and gets us closer, and gives more creative options. With the size of industrial warehouses and trade counter estates getting larger all the time, showing the scale of buildings, the vicinity and the location from the air, drones are a significant breakthrough for property photography and aerial surveys.

Drone Video

Whilst commercial photography is a mainstay of all marketing and online campaigns, the DJI technology came into its own with new forms of aerial filmmaking opportunities now available to a much wider audience. Whilst elevation is one thing, aerial cinematography had a new dawn with endless visual choices and an infinity of creative shot options. The drone not only gives us aerial and high level shots, but a completely new way of filming. Tracking shots, reveals, video fly throughs, dolly shots, crane shots and plan view (straight down) video, presenting a cost effective solution for everyone.


If you have any questions about our drone photography services in and around the South East, please don’t hesitate to drop us a line or give us a call.