By Posted in - on March 18th, 2022

All the world’s a stage

Well. We’ll try and make it look that way. Either way we’ll do our best to catch the best angle even if it’s no oil painting. Aerial photography, our specialty. Industrial buildings and architecture our love.

With over a decade of commercial photography experience I’ve successfully completed over a thousand assignments for property developers, architects, landowners, estate agents. fund managers, and design agencies. Over the years I’ve been lucky to travel around the whole country and witness the property development cycle through multiple stages. From land surveys for planning applications, through to marketing photography, and return visits when space is being re-let. The transformation around the county particularly in the industrial and trade counter sector is significant. And the new super-sheds really are super.

Marketing Photography

A single photo creates the cornerstone of any marketing content. Location, size, and use all essential data of course, but in the online world images have become even more important. A typical site visit will cover internal, external, elevated and aerial photos by drone, and feature close-up architectural details, particularly for new-build projects.  

Commercial Photography

The majority of projects will be commissioned by design agencies where images can be used across multiple platforms such as brochures, websites, press, signage and photo marketing boards. We combine aerial photography by drone and architectural photography to best show space and place, on the same site visit. 

Survey Photography

Creative visualization software has advanced dramatically in recent years, and CGI images are commonplace in the development strategy, from planning phase onwards. Surveying land, and supplying images for the CGI artists and architects to place buildings ‘in situ’ helps significantly. Build progress shots along the construction timeline are useful for stakeholders and potential tenants alike.

Aerial Photography

Drone tech really has been a game-changer. From aerial surveys to knockout marketing images the aerial view really does help set the scene, in a single take. Once the preserve of our brave aeroplane pilots, flying cameras at the sub 400ft level has bought us higher, closer, wider and on point. Not only providing views never before imagined, it’s a great way of seeing our wonderful world.

Panoramic 360 photography

Whilst video and photo have long combined their lens based art forms, particularly with drone ramping up the options, virtual tours built on series of 360 panoramic images are a thing of beauty and practical use. In recent years the optical quality has increased significantly helping create life like walk throughs, data rich and user friendly. Once again drone technology has come to the fore creating stunning multi image 180 degree panoramas, or full 360 aerial panoramas.