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Power Station demolition. Fawley. Drone Aerial Photos.

Once upon a time in the south

Watch Demolition Video

Drone video production with great shots, graphics, titles and featuring aerial filming by UAV. Perfect for marketing commercial property in the 21st century.

Video Production


I’ve made hundreds of drone videos for commercial clients all over the country.  All filmed, edited and produced in house as an independent DSLR Self shooter, or as director/producer in collaboration with cameraman and drone operators. The majority of films have been shot in the home counties, Sussex and London.

Marketing Video

Short form videos are now a key element of online marketing content. Cost effective to produce and an easily shareable resource, a key part of any integrated marketing strategy. Following consultation on script and storyboard, we’ll set to work to capture all the best angles, and solid coverage of the key location, elements, access, feature and facilities. Custom graphics and audio production also available.


Once the preserve of the big budget box office movie, we are now blessed to get our hands, and eyes, on some truly magical technology. The drone.  A camera that flies… and comes back to you. Genius. Not only does it fly, it captures the world in incredible detail and colour, perspective, angle and view, essentially revealing never before seen footage. The beauty of earth from the air is one thing, the visuals we receive are practical and useful, in a multitude of ways. As well, we have the good fortune to make drone films here in Sussex.